Amalfi Coast

Hey there! My name is Rosemarie Saniti. I am 28 years old, born and raised in Nueva Ecija, the “Rice Capital” of the Philippines. It’s a province four hours north of Manila. I am now residing in the United States with my loving husband.

Though I grew up surrounded by rice fields, I never learned to plant or harvest rice. My only responsibility growing up was to do well in school, which I did.

I came to the US in 2011 to get my degree through sponsorship. Who would have thought that a girl like me who grew up on the farm but never knew how to farm would wind up in the US?

I love taking pictures. I take pictures of almost anything, but candid shots of random people on the streets are my favorite subjects.

Chateau Chenonceau

I love to travel, but I don’t travel to sightsee. When I travel I usually sit on a bench for hours just watching people as they walked by. I love culture, and I want to experience it wherever I go. Check Countries I Have Visited page.

Fort Lee, NJ

I am an introvert. Although I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, I also enjoy being alone with a book to read or Korean drama to watch.

I have made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions in my life. Some of it made me stronger, and some made me think of the value of my life. I got my heart broken several times, and I am still in the process of picking up the pieces and putting it back together.

This blog is just a fraction of my life that I want to share with you. Thank you for stopping by!


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