Some of you might have known that I graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration major in Accounting. I honestly wanted to be a lawyer, not a CPA. I just took Accounting as my stepping stone. I never thought I would love every aspect of accounting. I became obsessed with it that I consider on becoming a forensic accountant. Do I really want to work with FBI? NO. So, I dropped the idea of being a forensic accountant. Then I started thinking about becoming a financial analyst instead. Well, that didn’t happen either. But when I started taking my accounting classes here in the US, I also started obsessing analyzing companies’ stocks and portfolios. I watched how stocks’ prices go up and down. I started reading business books other than my usual academic books. Believe it or not, I even borrowed money just to buy stocks. Yay!

Fast forward.

Because I was obsessed with stocks and the stock market in general, I have been reading Berkshire Hathaway, Coca-Cola, and Johnson & Johnson’s annual reports. You probably heard of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett before. If you do, then that’s good. If not, well maybe you can just Google it? Just kidding. I would say that Buffett is the smartest guy I know. If you have read his letters to shareholders, you’d probably share the same thoughts I have about him. Since Buffett was like my “idol” when it comes to buying stocks and business strategy, I started reading more about him. And Carl gave me this book “The Making of an American Capitalist” as a gift. I love it. I read it over and over. The book is about Buffett and how he started. I learned a lot from this book. It was very well written, that I admire its author. And just like every other girl who loves books their dream is to have their books signed by the authors.


And so, in May of 2012, we attended the Sequoia Fund board of directors’ meeting because the author of this book will be there. Roger Lowenstein was also one of the directors of Sequoia Fund, and yes he is the author of this book I am raving about. As typical tiny (4’11”) Filipina, I was intimidated by all these smart people around me during the meeting. I couldn’t even say a word. I literally look like a kid wearing a business suit. A kid who was fangirling over the author of one of my favorite books. I was carrying my book the whole time, but I never approach him. Why? Because he looks so serious. I had a feeling that he doesn’t have the time for a little girl’s dream. Because I know that what I want to do was childish. I don’t even know why on Earth I even thought about bringing the book with me just so he can sign it. They are business people who worry more about beating the market than attend an autograph signing event. Ugh. So, I came home with my unsigned book. Did I regret it? No. I was actually proud of myself that time. Because for the first time I kept my childish side hidden for a day.

Do you also have this experience, when you want to do something so badly but when you’re about to do it you crumpled like a paper? Looking back I am not sure if I am still proud of myself for not doing it. Maybe I should have let my childish side lead the way.

What do you think?


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