The Happy Series

If you have been following me and my blog you’ll know that I spent almost every day to make it look better and beautiful. You’ll also know that its layout changed a lot over night because I never stopped working on it until I achieved the design I desired.

Here are some screenshots of my former blog’s homepage…

the imported wife


the imported wife


the imported wife


If you are wondering how in the world I managed to re-designed my website overnight, well, it’s because I was using Wix. All of these customizations were made possible by Wix.

Wix is great and very easy to use. Everything is drag and drop and you can create a stunning website in minutes even without a slight knowledge of coding. Easy customization is the biggest advantage of Wix.

the imported wife


Then you probably want to ask me, if Wix is so great why I switched?

Here are the reasons I switched to WordPress:

1. Follow Button. The ability to follow blogs without having to type your e-mail address was the main reason I switched. Most bloggers in the blogging community use WordPress, and their blogs seem to get more attention than of the blogs created with other website builders.

2. Access with CSS codes. I don’t know anything about coding, but WordPress themes can be altered or customized using CSS codes, unlike Wix.

3. Not having to pay extra for a plugin. If you already have a plan, some plugins are already included depending on the plan you have. With Wix, I paid extra for the comment section because the one that came with my plan wasn’t user-friendly and was limited.

4. Mobile friendly. This one was also a deal breaker. WordPress is already setup to be mobile-friendly without having to customize it. With my Wix experience, every time I made changes on desktop view, I’d also need to make changes to mobile view or else everything will be all over the place.

Now that I switched, my blog has more followers and is getting more attention than before. The only downside of this switch is that I need to work hard to setup my static homepage which is now set to display my recent posts.

I have long way to go when it comes to designing my website, but I am happy that I made the switch earlier when it is still possible to copy and paste my blog contents from my former blog. Yes, I did copy and paste all of my blog posts in here. It is possible to import your contents but it comes with a fee (I don’t know how much it cost).

Have you recently switched too? I would like to know your reasons for switching. I  also would love to know what you think about my new blog design. I know it’s not quite as pink as my previous one, but the gold will do. wink*


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  1. I used to write and just share all my thoughts out on Tumblr way back 2009-2014 (? or 2015) but I stopped writing for a while. When I decided to blog again, I chose WordPress because I’ve been hearing good things about it and a lot of bloggers i know are using it. I’ve been loving WP so far plus it also kind of gives me a more “professional blogging experience.” ☺️


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