Our second day in EU was really magical and exciting because we get to see not one but three castles of Loire Valley in France. Yay! You have no idea how excited I was.

We booked the tour with a tour guide to make everything easier and also to learn more about the chateaus. There were many behind closed doors stories that you would only hear from these tour guides, and I wouldn’t share those stories here because I don’t like to gossip. wink*



Who wouldn’t be mesmerized by this French Renaissance architecture? This chateau was constructed by King Francis I of France.

The main entrance and exit of this chateau for tourists were here where the gift shop is located.




Inside this chateau is this staircase to go to the rooftop and enjoy the view of the garden and get a closer look of the design of its towers.


What do you think of these designs? Aren’t they magical?



Like I mentioned, you’ll also get to enjoy the view of the garden. What do you think?



Our second stop is at one of the best-known chateaus in Loire Valley, the Chateau de Chenonceau spanning the River Cher.


Can you imagine how magical this chateau at sunset? Too bad we did not witness it because we headed to the third chateau after lunch.


Because of lack time, we were not able to get in the Marques Tower. I was actually looking forward to it. Oh, well. Maybe next time, I’ll spend more time in this chateau.


According to our tour guide, all the flowers that you will see inside the chateau were from these gardens. Can we just close our eyes for a moment and imagine these gardens in full bloom. Aren’t they beautiful?



Here are the sample flower arrangements inside the chateau. I know. I want this one in our foyer too.



If you happen to go to this chateau, pay attention to the floor. Even if the tiles look worn out, I couldn’t help but admire its beauty. These are the original tiles of the chateau, which means it’s over hundred years old.


And who wouldn’t want this furniture? If I have this furniture, I’ll probably just stare at it. haha


Let’s talk about the bed.I am not exactly sure if it was Diana’s or Catherine’s bed/room, but according to the tour guide, Diana used to live in this chateau. Diana was King Henri II’s mistress and sex therapist. When King Henri II died, Queen Catherine took over the chateau. See? I told you..gossip.


Last but not the least for this chateau. Can we just admire this kitchen? Yes, my friends, this was a kitchen. I can actually live in this kitchen, not only because it looks cute from the outside but also because there will be food in there – lots of food.


We had our lunch in the stable-turned-restaurant of this chateau. Yes, you read it right. The restaurant used to be a stable. The food was okay. It won’t pass as a Royal food though. Here’s the menu.


And here’s my hubby after lunch.



Can you believe that there’s still a family living in this chateau?  No. Not us. I wish.


According to the gossips, I mean our tour guide, this chateau was donated by King Henri II to his mistress Diana. But Diana preferred the Chenonceau, so she sold the Cheverny to the former owner’s son. It only means that Cheverny wasn’t originally owned by King Henri II.


You’ll probably say that it’s not much from the outside, but your perception will change once you get inside. The ceilings in this chateau are magnificent. Each room has different ceiling designs and chandelier decor.



The wall designs are also worth checking out. Look at the design of this wainscoting, isn’t it beautiful. This particular wainscoting added more character in the room.


The dining table was decorated with a glass sculpture and those beautiful flowers. Remember I told you that the current owner of this chateau still lives here, do you think they setup their dining table like this before they eat? Well, I guess I need to go back to find out so I can gossip about it. wink*


Okay. Let’s breathe for just one second. Yes, you’re seeing a piano and books! OMG! Who would love to have a room like this in their house? Raising hand* ME! ME!


I know what you’re drooling at right now. It’s not the wedding dress but the mirror, am I right? I would also love a mirror like this! Look at the golden frame This mirror will definitely look good in my dream walk-in closet.


This clock is one of the most beautiful clocks I’ve ever seen that I actually want to get my hands on. Yes, I have a thing for clocks like this one!


This lamp is a perfect fit in the interior of this house. See those art details? Aren’t those amazing?


Family time is better spent in the living room where the harp is! I bet you wouldn’t like this living room because it doesn’t have a television. So if you want to live in this house, learn to play the harp. wink* 


That’s it for our day 2 in Europe! To recap, we visited Chateau de Chambord, Chateau de Chenonceau, and Chateau de Cheverny.

We had a great time or should I say a great day? It was an 8-hour tour, and it includes the travel time from Paris and back, and in between the chateaus. Our tour guide was great, he knew so much more about the chateaus.

If you happen to be in France, I recommend that you visit these 3 chateaus of Loire Valley. Also, don’t forget to get a good tour guide, because they know every treasure of these chateaus including the gossips. I personally recommend that you use GetYourGuide when booking your tours. They have better agents and tour guides.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed typing it. If you missed my Europe Day 1 post, you can read it here. Thank you for reading. See you in next post. Au Revoir!


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    1. Thank you 😙 Chateau de Chenonceau is my favorite, but I do love the interior of Cheverny. Honestly, I don’t remember what the tour guide said whose family live there now, but their very recent photographs are on display.


  1. Such a nice place. You can see from their works how much they value their culture.
    I sure love the architecture of CHATEAU DE CHAMBORD. Hopefully, me and my family can visit these places someday.

    Great pictures too!


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