It would be redundant if I’d say “it’s been a while” again, so let me just say “it’s really nice to be back!”

I missed a lot. I missed sharing all the simplest things that make me happy, and I am really ecstatic to be back and be able to share those littlest and simplest things with you again.

If you notice, I changed this category from Ten Happy Things to Happy Things Series, it’s because sometimes I have less or more than 10 happy things in a week. I know, I shouldn’t have less than 10, but if you have a depression like me, finding 10 happy things in a week is a difficult task.

Here are my happy things this week:

  1. You probably already guessed. YES. I am really happy to be back! We were gone for more than 20 days leaving my two furbabies in the care of Ms. Wendy. I am really happy to be able to sleep in our own bed with my two cats purring next to me.
  2. Ms. Wendy is such a sweetheart. She took really good care of my cats, while we were away. She spoiled them with love and attention, that my cats didn’t even realize we’re away. Ms. Wendy is an angel.
  3. My laptop has been acting weird for 2 days. I am actually planning to buy a MacBook, but not this early. So, I was really glad I get it to work because I am not ready to spend money on a new laptop yet.
  4. This might sound crazy but..I am really happy I found my go to salad dressing. I got it from Publix, and it’s a Strawberry Poppy seed Greek yogurt dressing. It’s a little sweet, but I do love Greek yogurt – and it’s supposed to be good for you.
  5. We went to the mall for a walk – only for a walk, and an hour later I was carrying 3 dresses in my hand.
  6. I finally transferred all the pictures my husband took during our EU trip. He took about 900 pictures, while I took thousands. Here’s one of the pictures he took :

Processed with VSCO with  preset

7. Lastly, I am really happy and grateful that I have a husband who loved taking my picture when I was in my deep thoughts or just way too focused on something. There were moments that I’d get trapped into my own little world, and my husband was always there to capture those moments – like this one :

Processed with VSCO with  preset

How about you guys? What made you happy this week?


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