1. Spending time with Lolo and mommy Barb was really great. We get to eat at Newk’s per Lolo’s request. I actually introduced him to this restaurant which my husband introduced me to.
  2. I booked 90 percent of our trip, and I am one happy gal. My back was sore though from sitting and searching for tours, trains, and hotels all day.
  3. It rains, and I loved it. I didn’t need to water my rose bushes for days and now my rose bushes are in full bloom.
  4. I finally pull the trigger and bought an 18 mm – 200 mm lens for my Sony a6000 camera, but it doesn’t fit because the lens has an EF mount and my camera is an E-mount. Thanks to my hubby, he got me a mount converter! 
  5. I got 2 days off from booking tours and working on websites.
  6. Started watching My Secret Romance on Dramafever, and it’s hilarious.
  7. I am trying out new skin care products. I have no complaints about it so far. I will be reviewing it soon.
  8. I am really thankful to be able to connect to a US based Filipina blogger. Her name is Julie. She is nice and kind. Check her blog Fly into the World.
  9. I cooked pork nilaga, and I finally got it right this time (hubby likes it).

10.I am really happy that this blog is working the way I want it. I actually designed it myself. I redesigned it a couple of times, but I am now in love with its design. I’m so proud of myself.


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