This is a confession of a true bibliophile – me. If you have no idea what bibliophile is, let me enlighten you. A bibliophile is someone who loves books, in other words, a bookworm.

I may be different from other bookworms out there, but I am pretty sure we all love books as much.

What makes me a bibliophile?

  1. When I think about shopping, Bookstore is always the main shopping center.

I enjoy shopping for clothes and other things, but not as much as I enjoyed shopping for books. I shop for books like I am shopping for books. I need to feel the covers and pages like I would feel the fabric. I need to check the prologue like I am checking the tags of clothing for sizes or fabric materials. The only difference between shopping for clothing and books is the excitement I have.

  1. When I start reading a book, there’s no way I will put it down.

You read it right. When I have a book in my hand, I always feel like I am holding my life support, and I can’t put it down. And when I said, there’s no way I would put it down, it means – no shower, no sleeping, no eating and I also bring my book in the toilet during bathroom breaks. Crazy, isn’t it? But hey, you can’t just put down your life support, right?

  1. Books are my best friends.

I started reading when I was three and since then books became my true companion. When I was six, I read Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), a novel written by one of the Philippine national heroes Dr. Jose Rizal. Back then our neighbors thought I have some kind of mental illness because I would rather read books than play with other kids outside.

  1. I always carry a book or my kindle wherever I go.

I always wanted to be prepared just in case I have some free time or maybe find a good bench to seat on to just read a book. When I was traveling in Europe, besides my camera, I also carry my kindle with me, and I will stop and read when I found a bench to seat on.

  1. When I was packing my stuff to move in with my husband, I packed my books first.

I could never leave my books behind, I always feel like I am abandoning my children behind, and that is really terrible. When I first came to the US, I also brought my books with me thinking I wouldn’t be able to find them in the US.

  1. My moods depend on the book I am currently reading.

It always happens. So don’t be surprise if my moods change so frequently.

  1. I get traumatized by the things that only happened in the books I have read.

Sometimes, the events in the book can be traumatizing. Do you remember when Gus Waters died in The Fault in our Stars? I honestly could not stop myself from crying, and I was in shock for days. Whenever I think about, I still feel the pain in my heart.

  1. I believe that books can teach me anything  (even the feelings I supposed to feel in certain situations).


  1.  When I give advice to other people I always give them advice based on the books I have read.

Sometimes, my advice made it sound like I actually been through a lot, and I know more about life than any other human being- well I’ve been through a lot of books.

  1. Even though I already have books lined up, I still look out for new books to buy.


  1. I feel like I lost a friend when I finish reading a book.

And I will read the same book over and over again, just to relive our memories together as best friends.

  1. My ideal dates are romantic walks in the bookstore.

Are you a bibliophile? Let me know in the comments!


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